A Site Designed to Help ‘Erase Our Mistakes’

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New Web Site Makes It Easier to Explore the Option of Tattoo Removal

There’s no denying it. Among the 35-and-under crowd, body ink is all the rage. Tattoos – once the purview of old-time sailors and the occasional carnival “illustrated man”…are as customary and accepted as, well, body piercings. But what about when that awesome dragon or flaming skull – or worse yet, the emblazoned name of a former soulmate – has become more of a liability than a treasure? Or – what if one simply wants to upgrade the quality of the artwork they purchased during a younger, less affluent period of their life?

For Columbus-based tattoo removal and restoration firm goodbyedye, Horizons designed and built a web site that not only helps raise the profile of this medically certified facility…but also makes it easier for potential customers to interact and get started on their removal/restoration process. By incorporating ‘responsive design’ into the site itself, Horizons’ web developers and programmers have given customers the option of snapping a photo of their ink on their cell phones…then attaching the photo along with their request for more information.

By all accounts, it looks as if body art is more than just a fad – it’s here to stay. But thanks in part to this new web site, human canvasses will find it easier to hit the ‘un-do’ or ‘re-do’ button…and then make sure they have the look they’re looking for!

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