An App for Kids With Amblyopia (And for Their Parents!)

Every year, thousands of parents learn that their child has a vision disorder called amblyopia (often referred to as “lazy eye”). The good news is that the condition is almost always reversible…but only if the child wears a patch for several hours a day until it’s gone. The Ohio Amblyope Registry – a partnership among Ohio’s eye care professionals and the leading Children’s Hospitals across the state of Ohio, including Nationwide Children’s in Columbus – works with families every day, to educate and assist with all aspects of the treatment program (including providing free patches, tips on how to patch, and supportive advice and activities for the children going through it). Over the past two years, Horizons has helped the registry update its marketing and educational materials, with a new logo, brochure, activity book, magnet, billboard – and even a brand new app, which gives the children something fun to do and helps their moms and dads stay on track with patch ordering, up-to-date information and even a countdown clock to let the little ones know how many minutes until they’re able to take off their patch. Of course, having amblyopia is no fun…but the app will help make the process a little more bearable for everyone involved. The app will be made available at both the Apple iOs App Store, and at the Android Google Play Store.

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