Building a Display to Build Excitement About Building a Visionary Community

When it’s completed, Evans Farm will be a community unlike anything ever seen in Central Ohio. Not only will it include more than one thousand homes – from which residents will be able to walk to shops, restaurants, nightlife spots, green spaces and a myriad of social gathering places…it will be designed using the principles of New Urbanism – a planning concept focusing on human-scale development and sustainability, walkability, and quality of life.

Despite the obvious attractiveness surrounding this exciting new project, there is still a learning curve for the population at large that must be overcome. Until the custom homes and other amenities are in place, the concept must be marketed via a broad assortment of channels including print pieces, radio and TV ads, social media posts…and even three-dimensional structures designed to give people a taste of the Evans Farm “front porch living” experience.

Horizons Companies has been involved in every aspect of the marketing campaign, and recently designed and constructed an informational kiosk located within Polaris Fashion Place in north Columbus. The kiosk features not only architectural elements that provide a peek into the development’s ultimate feel – and rocking chairs to invite shoppers to relax ‘front porch style’ – but also informative printed panels, remotely controlled video monitors (playing an assortment of Evans Farm videos) and racks of brochures for shoppers to take home and read.

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