Christmas Party Shifts Time & Space But Not Meaning

Our Horizons Companies Party Shifted Three Months to the Future and Seven Miles to the South…But the Spirit and Meaning of the Event Was Spot-On

During the rush and tumble leading up to Christmas 2012, Horizons employees had a choice to make — enjoy a fancy company Christmas party in an elegant country club setting…reprise the previous year’s popular shooting gallery extravaganza…or pick a date to cook and serve a much-appreciated meal to several hundred of Central Ohio’s neediest individuals.

By a resounding margin, the choice was made to go with option 3. And so on a quiet Friday in mid-March, the staff began preparing the elements – buttering and toasting 1500 slices of fresh garlic bread…cooking gallons of gourmet spaghetti sauce….parboiling nearly a hundred pounds of penne rigate…and putting together all of the other trimmings for the weekly meal that would be served to hundreds of homeless, underprivileged and life-tested men, women and families the following evening at Columbus Friends Ministry’s “Saturday With Friends”.

Each of the Horizons employees who took part in preparing and serving the meal were reminded that Christmas is not simply a single day, or even an entire season…but rather, it’s a spirit which can be felt and shared at any time…at any place…and with anyone.

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