Combining the Best of Both Worlds

So you want to make a splash with your marketing message, and you’ve distributed it via all of the traditional channels – on the web, in the newspaper and/or trade magazines, maybe even some TV or radio broadcast. But there is still a select audience that you want to make sure gets your message in no uncertain terms. How do you reach them? With a beautiful brochure? With a link to your new video? How about both – in one elegant high-tech package!

Recently, Able Commercial – a subsidiary of Able Roof that provides a comprehensive array of exterior renovation services for commercial properties – wanted their most important list of prospects to see, hear and read about their capabilities. So, Horizons created a video brochure that includes an LED screen that plays their new capabilities video when the brochure is opened by the recipient.

Print marketing still works. And when it’s combined with video…it works wonders. When it’s critical to get your message – literally – into the hands of your most important clients, send a 21st Century video greeting card – it shows how much you care, and shows that you’re surfing the wave of the latest technology as well!

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