Creating a Better Web Site for a Better Kind of Community

For Evans Farm, the vision from the very beginning was to create a residential community unlike anything else in Central Ohio. Based on the principles of the New Urbanism, the totally walkable neighborhood of more than two thousand homes would feature retail, dining and gathering places…large, inviting front porches on homes situated just a few steps from the sidewalk…green spaces, hiking trails, fishing ponds, an agricultural center…and an unparalleled sense of community – all while respecting and preserving the natural beauty of the land on which it all sits.

It’s only fitting, then, that a progressively conscientious, intelligent community like Evans Farm would want on online presence that reflects its unique combination of traditional and forward thinking. For Evans Farm, Horizons created an aggressively contemporary (yet elegantly understated) site that invites the visitor to actively visualize what the community is in the process of becoming. Utilizing clean, straightforward design and soft, natural colors, the site makes it easy and enjoyable for visitors to conveniently navigate to all of the information they need – from available lots, to the latest news, to architectural guidelines, neighborhood amenities – and of course to the underlying philosophy and vision that makes Evans Farm such a unique residential concept.

From the tiniest germ of an idea, Evans farm is growing and changing daily as it makes its way toward becoming the one-of-a-kind community its developers envisioned. Likewise, look for Horizons Companies’ Evans Farm web site to evolve along with it, as it continues to satisfy the marketing and informational needs of current and future visitors.

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