Designing a Sales Office…To Reflect Its Product!

When it comes to meeting the multi-tiered needs of our clients, we’ll bend over backwards to make sure that nothing is actually “off the table”. Video and audio, print design, web development and media placement? Of course we do all that. But what about, say, performing a total physical re-design of an aging office to create a lively, stylish, high functioning space that actually incorporates elements of the client’s eventual product offering (but which, at present, is still very much in the conceptual phase)?

Working with our longtime partner Curtis Elliott Designs, we transformed the sales offices for Evans Farm into a showpiece that helps convey the essence of this one-of-a-kind community to office visitors who are contemplating the purchase of a lot – and the building of a home and lifestyle – at Evans Farm. In the new sales office, visitors will sense the creative, comfortable elegance that the development’s homes will universally feature…and they’ll get a taste of the unique, approachable shops and gathering spaces that will be a hallmark of Evans Farm living.

So, okay, redesigning office spaces might not be at the top of the list of services that Horizons traditionally offers its clients. But when it’s needed, we’ll deliver it – in style. And it goes without saying that – whatever you may need to make your business enterprise more profitable – if we can’t physically do it ourselves, we’ll certainly find the right people to get it done for you!

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