Gently Down the Stream…at Horizons!

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that every obstacle is an opportunity to do things differently – and perhaps even better. Take sales conferences, for example. When it’s impractical, expensive or downright dangerous to assemble the entire group, you can still engage them in a dynamic presentation that will entertain, motivate and provide them with the critical information they need to succeed. This summer, Horizons has hosted several major convention “shows” in which a myriad of content was delivered to sales teams around the country. The multi-faceted productions were organized and executed by LIVE! Technologies, and in some cases involved as many as a dozen live greenscreen shoots taking place around the Horizons facility simultaneously – and switched seamlessly – with a quality look and user experience to rival a television network production. Maybe big in-person sales conferences will return someday, but even if they do…the high-end, well-produced, creative and cost efficient live streamed conference will always be a highly attractive alternative.

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