Giving Green Energy Education a Powerful Boost

Eight years ago, when Horizons designed and built the SEED Center’s first web site, the need for skilled and educated green industry workers was daunting. Today that demand is exponentially more critical, and consequently the Center needed a web site capable of nimbly sharing its tremendous volume of data with educators and students at nearly 500 community colleges across the U.S. Horizons was tasked with upgrading the functionality, design and information flow for this new site, and has now unveiled an online portal reflective of the SEED Center’s ambitious vision for training the next generation of green energy professionals.

The Horizons team converted the old site to a more sophisticated CMS, or Content Management System, and created a process using Site Scraper to port over more than 2,000 articles and pages into the site, organizing the data into a user-friendly navigation system along the way. With the new site, educators, students, community leaders and other proponents of sustainability can learn, share, collaborate and prepare themselves for one of the most promising, profitable and prodigious endeavors of our lifetime – providing people everywhere with safe, reliable, affordable energy that doesn’t threaten the very existence of life on this planet.

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