Got a Pet Project? You Can Trust Our Animal Instincts!

If the project description includes the phrase “must love dogs”, we’ve got that covered. We love dogs. And cats. And penguins, and reptiles, and critters of every size, shape and description. And we’ve worked with nearly all of them. Whether it’s filming live animals in the studio, creating packaging for pet products, designing web sites for animal related industries…we’ve practically earned our zoology degrees over the past ten years or so (which would be a whopping seven decades in dog years!). In fact, when Jungle Jack Hanna needs a place to record the narrative for his nationally-syndicated TV show, he enjoys laying down tracks at the most animal friendly studio in town…ours! (He even stopped by Horizons a few years back to record a national television ad.) And while the conventional wisdom in the advertising and motion picture industries says that one should avoid working with children and animals, we gladly do both – on a regular basis – and our clients are thrilled that we do. So whatever your “pet project” en-tails, you can be sure we’ll treat your animals and your product with tender loving care – and bring out the best in both!

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