Heard Any Good Stories Lately?

Traditionally, marketing tends to be more about the product than about the people who use it. For example, marketing videos about retirement communities typically focus on the buildings, the spaces, the amenities…and that’s about it. For National Church Residences (one of America’s most successful developers of senior living communities) Horizons proposed a different approach – allowing residents with lifetimes full of fascinating experiences to convey an obvious but often overlooked fact…that what makes a community special is not the structures, but the people who live and work there.

The compelling, personal, and heart string-pulling videos will be featured on National Church Residences’ web site, as well as on the company’s social media channels. Of course, there will be plenty of information about room sizes, resident care programs, and all of the other attractions offered by NCR’s 340 communities across the country. But the thing that makes an NCR community special – and the thing that will make it’s marketing unique – are the stories like those of the artist, the survivor and the world-traveling couple that also likes to swim.

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