Helping Freight Companies Boost Profitability With Increased Accuracy

When Mettler Toledo, the world leader in weight-scale technology, wanted to showcase its newest advancement in pallet dimensioning and data capture, it turned to Horizons to communicate the message. The new device addresses one of the traditional bugaboos of logistics handling: how to accurately account for irregular pallets of merchandise. For an LTL Freight Company, a solution to this challenge could potentially mean capturing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in lost revenue due to imprecise pallet measuring data. Mettler Toledo’s user-friendly technology instantly captures multiple images of the pallet and determines the exact dimensions – while the forklift driver is passing under it at up to 8 miles per hour! (So no more stopping to measure the height, width and depth of the palleted material.) In order to capture the essence of the dimensioner and its unique capabilities, Horizons deployed 6 cameras capturing simultaneous footage of the product in action. The imagery was then stitched together and laid over a rocking soundtrack to underscore both the strength and dynamism that this new precision technology brings to the loading process.

Click here to view the video. The piece has already been rolled out to promote the technology at a major trade show in Atlanta, and has been included in a video brochure that is being distributed to the company’s key customers.

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