Horizons Helping Krema ‘Spread’ the Good News!

Horizons Companies Creates New “Stir For Your Health” Web Site to Provide One-Stop Information About the Benefits of Natural Peanut Butter for Krema.

Numerous studies have found that peanut butter is a healthful food choice – packed with protein, fiber and other essential nutrients. And all-natural peanut butter – made from roasted peanuts and absolutely nothing else – is the healthiest peanut butter you can buy. Now, athletes, parents, diabetics, patients with dietary restrictions – and health-conscious consumers of all kinds – have a delicious new resource and a reason to rejoice: a brand new web site devoted exclusively to all things associated with pure, all-natural, “100% peanut” peanut butter.

The site is www.stirforyourhealth.com – and it’s filled with recipes, stirring tips, mobile apps, videos, nutritional information, news and discussion regarding natural peanut butter and other healthy lifestyle choices. The site was created for Krema Products Company – one of America’s oldest peanut butter producers, and the maker of award-winning Krema Natural Peanut Butter and Crazy Richard’s Natural Peanut Butter.

The new web site offers these savvy consumers access to a single, comprehensive clearinghouse of information they can tap into to explore the benefits – and versatility – of natural peanut butter.

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