Horizons’ Animated Holiday Spot Earns Regional Telly Award

During the busy holiday advertising season it’s tough to stand out, with so many products and services clamoring for your attention. But a TV spot for AAA Ohio broke through the clutter with a perfectly executed stop-frame animation technique that delivered a captivating sense of wonder for viewers of all ages. The spot was conceived and written by Horizons producer Chris Weber, and a collaborative effort ensued with storyboards from artist Bart Browne, creative input from cinematographer Jeff Barklage, and the Horizons team of director Don Lee, props artist Ken Beck, video editor Steve Bruns and CGI artist Bill Scholik. In the spot, a toy car loaded with a toy family breaks down under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. But help is just a quick phone call away, and soon a AAA truck and driver are on the scene to make the emergency repairs and send the family on their merry way. A simple and direct message, delivered in a fun, creative way (and isn’t that what all good advertising aspires to?). I guess that’s why it was awarded with a prestigious Telly Award.

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