Horizons’ Culture, Work Ethic Featured In Reuters Article

News Article Centers on Novel Ways that Employers Use to Retain Quality Employees.┬áHorizons Companies has always had a unique culture and attitude when it comes to its work space, employee behavior and client relations. It’s casual and comfortable, yet underneath it’s serious business. We want our client partners to feel completely at ease when they’re working with us…and feel just as good or better after the project is completed – knowing that they got the highest quality and best value for their communications dinero.

At Horizons, associates treat each other – and their clients – like family. Sure, a lot of companies say that, but at Horizons Companies that feeling is palpable. From the communal meals, to the after work patio sessions, to the community gardens, to the pets on the premises — you get the picture.

Check out the article that appeared recently on Reuters’ web site. And of course, feel free to check out the atmospheric pressure (or lack thereof) at Horizons for yourself. Chances are, it’ll feel like coming home.

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