Horizons Goes Nuts On Rebrand Effort

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Packaging, Color Palette, Signage and Collateral Are Just the Beginning of Rebranding

Sure, the client’s name is “Crazy Richard’s”. And their products are made from peanuts, almonds and cashews. But it was Horizons’ designers, graphic artists and web developers who went “nuts” when given the chance to rebrand the client’s entire marketing program. Thanks to them, Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter Company features exciting new product photography, package designs, sales sheets, trade show signage, and more. But it’s their all-new web site that’s totally insane (in a good way).

For the site, Horizons’ designers and developers worked hand-in-hand to come up with a fluid layout that incorporates responsive elements – to make sure the user experience translates seamlessly across different screen sizes and devices. In other words, no matter what size window or screen size you use to view the site…it automatically selects the most aesthetic layout to match that screen. (To observe this magic in real time, open the site in a browser window on your computer…and gradually reduce the width of the window. You’ll see that – presto! chango! – the graphic elements intelligently rearrange themselves to produce the most pleasing – and user friendly – design for that window. Meanwhile, other navigational tools are also invisibly transitioning to ensure that your experience – whether on your smartphone, tablet, PC or glass – is as effortless and as elegant as can be.

Yeah, maybe it’s a little over the top…but when you’re talking about nuts – for a client with crazy in its name – well, you’ll simply have to forgive us for going a little “bonkers”.*

*(And we’ll be happy to do the same for you!)


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