Horizons Makes Sharing Media Files With Clients Easier Than Ever

New Service Allows Clients to View and Download Large Media Files Anytime, Anywhere

Horizons is now offering a service to our clients that will make looking at thumbnail size media files, navigating through labyrinthine FTP channels and waiting for what seems like an eternity for large media files to upload and download a thing of the past. It’s called Media Silo – and it’s just like having an on-demand media library in the cloud, that offers not only quick and pain-free sharing of files up to 2GB in size…but can also sort, search, notify – and even make the files available to your favorite mobile devices.

Want to view your entire media library on your iPhone? No problem. Want to make notes or comments specific to a particular shot, scene or frame? You’ve got the power. How about instant notifications via email whenever a video, comment or item is posted? Done, done and done.

For more information on this very cool service, you can go here. But better yet, why not check it out for yourself with a real honest-to-goodness project? We’re ready when you are!

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