Horizons Teams with Microsoft to Promote Product that Delivers the Story of a Lifetime

Everyone has a story to tell…it’s the story of their life. But sadly, too often the story is never written…and then it’s too late. But thanks to the flagship Microsoft Azure platform, senior citizens are now able to talk to an iPad (which prompts them with just the right questions to take them on a walk all the way down Memory Lane), and then the program uses cognitive AI to compile, organize and write the seniors’ life stories – which they can immediately share with their children and grandchildren. Azure has been instrumental in supporting LifeBio, a Marysville, Ohio firm that for more than 20 years has specialized in producing shareable life stories for senior citizens in nursing homes, health care facilities and senior living locations. The founders of LifeBio are driven by the fact that it’s not just the details of the story that matter – but that the very act of creating and sharing that story delivers tremendous health and cognition benefits to the seniors as well. Horizons is honored to have been able to bring “the story about the storytelling software” to life, working in collaboration with Chicago-based 9 Rooftops agency. Do you – or better yet, your parents or grandparents have a story to tell? Of course they do – and LifeBio and Microsoft Azure can effortlessly draw it out of them and almost instantly turn it into a book!

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