Hungry For Great Food Photography?

When it comes to making food look delicious, Horizons is the perfect location. With two spacious studios, an adjacent kitchen for food prep and storage, and all the power and light you could dream of, it’s an unbeatable package of amenities to make food photography a breeze. We’ve even brought in pizza ovens (for Donatos), flaming gas grills (for Bush Beans), pressurized tubes to make beer shoot out, and built sets and provided propping and support for famous food names like Wendy’s, White Castle, Tim Horton’s, Speedway, and more. And with the addition of a wide assortment of brand new fast strobes and light stands, we’re more than ready for your next photo shoot. So whatever your taste, whatever your subject, whatever your medium…when you want to make an edible (or potable) product look mouth wateringly gorgeous, head over to our studios. We’re always hungry to help.

Take a look at some of our studio food photography projects here.

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