In Data-Driven World, JEGS Speeds Ahead

Information is power. But what, exactly, is information? In today’s lightning fast business climate, it’s data – the more actionable data that you can gather about your potential audience, the faster you can meet its demands and optimize your sales. clearly recognizes the need for speed, both on the racetrack and in the business arena. That’s why they partnered with ISM (which stands for “Integrated Screen Management”) at a recent NASCAR event to garner real-time analytics throughout the four day spectacle.

Using a series of TV spots created by Horizons and featuring drivers Kenny Wallace and Cody Coughlin, JEGS ran the spots on monitors stationed throughout Dover International Speedway, while ISM measured how many spectators watched each spot – and even for how long they paused to watch – and then measured additional items like how many fans then used their smart phones to order products from with the promo code they just saw in the spot.

The JEGS/ISM Connect Campaign by the numbers:

  • 26 hours of run time on 12 86″ screens at Dover International Speedway
  • 82k people saw the content
  • 36% conversion rate on viewership of the screens
  • Audience Breakdown:
    • 38% Millennial
    • 51% Adult
    • 5% Senior
    • 3% Child

Instant response, instant data that can be instantly tweaked to improve results. Yes, racing is all about moving fast…but clearly, so is business!

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