Interactive Sampler Moves Online Experience Forward

Educational publishers have long faced the challenge of how to let potential customers see, feel and use the many different components of their new textbook programs. Until recently, publishers had to manufacture and ship large sample packages to potential buyers – a costly enterprise to be sure. In recent years, electronic sample kits, or “e-samplers”, have been effectively employed to introduce new educational programs. And while these e-samplers represented a major leap forward… there has never been a digital sampler quite like the one that Horizons Companies has created for Zaner-Bloser. This innovative, interactive interface puts the customer inside the classroom, where they can learn more about each and every component of Z-B’s new Strategies for Writers program – right at the point of use.

When Zaner-Bloser came to us with the idea for a virtual classroom, our Flash developer Aaron Denny was tasked with bringing this concept to fruition…and he hit the ground running. “Aaron’s ingenuity and technical know-how helped to make our vision for an innovative e-sampler a reality. We are truly pleased with the final product,” said Jeannette Maxwell, Zaner-Bloser’s National Product Manager for language arts.

The virtual classroom was produced using live students and teacher in a studio classroom setting, and then programmed so that every key element in the classroom – from the posters, whiteboard and video monitor to the books, computers, tablets – even the corkboard – could be tapped to explore additional information about each program component. Clearly, this totally ‘new and improved’ electronic sampler significantly raises the bar for the way in which textbook programs will be marketed in the future.

Go ahead – check out the interactive sampler for yourself!

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