New Digital Partner Joins Horizons Team

Back in the early days of the World Wide Web, Don Lee and Charles Fry helped develop the first retail site for clothing retailer Abercrombie and Fitch. In the intervening years between that venture and today, both Lee and Fry have plied their expertise on a wide variety of creative projects, including many interactive success stories.

Today, Lee’s Horizons Companies and Fry’s CODE Éxitos are combining their talents with hopes of addressing the web site development needs of a growing number of corporate, medical, governmental and educational concerns. Their first projects together have been for a pair of healthcare systems, an automotive racing program and an innovative security products company.

“I have long been impressed with Charles’ ability to recognize the client’s spoken and unspoken needs, along with his uncanny ability to leverage the latest technology in creative and innovative ways” says Lee. “I know he will be a tremendous asset in making our clients more competitive in the digital domain, and we will be a key factor in growing his hemispheric clientele.”

CODE Éxitos, with offices in both the United States and Central America, is able to utilize highly skilled web developers to achieve comparable, if not superior, results at a fraction of what it would cost using exclusively domestic resources. As a result, he is able to deliver products such as Web Applications, E-Commerce Platforms and Mobile Apps at extremely competitive rates, passing along the savings to his clients.

But there is more to the goal of Fry’s company. “Delivering value through high-quality software is where our story begins” he says. “CODE Éxitos is dedicated to making the world a better place. Our vision is a digital world that is inclusive, sustainable, and where brilliant minds are fairly rewarded for their contributions. Partnering with our clients, crafting exceptional software, and making the world a better place is our daily mission.”

With successful interactive sites for entities including Wendy’s International, McGraw-Hill Education, Jegs High Performance and, Horizons Companies has been ranked among the top web firms in Central Ohio for several years running. With the development and programming horsepower added through its partnership with CODE Éxitos, that trend is certainly sure to continue.

Horizons Companies is a full-service digital media production firm specializing in HD video, motion graphics, music/audio, and web/interactive. For more information call 614.481.7200 or write us at 
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