NHL Stars Team Up In Volunteer Energy Spot by Horizons

Red Wings Fan Favorites Osgood and Draper Display Their Acting Chops to Promote Volunteer Energy

Between them, they have 36 years of National Hockey League experience…31 of those seasons with the Detroit Red Wings…and a half dozen Stanley Cup championships, all with the Wings. This year, however, for the first time in two decades, Chris Osgood and Kris Draper are no longer on the ice, fighting for the puck. But former goalie Osgood and forward Draper are still fighting to help their fans in Michigan fend off winter’s cold this season – and fight back against high energy bills – in this TV spot for Volunteer Energy.

The spot featuring “Ozzie” and “Drapes” was shot at Hockeytown Cafe – once named the “Second Best Sports Bar in America” by ESPN. Horizons’ field production crew led by cinematographers Tim Courlas and Scott Myers (along with grips Mike Orozco and Amy Masheter, and audio engineer Doug McLaughlin) acquired the audiovisual elements for the spot, which was cut together by Horizons’ senior editor Steve Bruns. The spot was written and directed by Jerry Haines, president of Touchpoint Strategies – who also gave birth to this other cool Volunteer Energy spot developed by Horizons animator Dan Beech.

While it’s apparent that Ozzie and Drapes are better at hockey than they are at acting, the Volunteer Energy spot is likely to make quite an impact. Because in Red Wings nation, these guys walk on water (at least the frozen kind). And the miracles on ice that they performed regularly since the early 1990’s won’t soon be forgotten by Detroit hockey fans.

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