Working So That No One, Anywhere, Ever Dies of Thirst

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Peter DeMarco is on a mission – to satisfy a thirsty world. Horizons Companies is also on a mission – to assist Mr. DeMarco in accomplishing that audacious goal. Peter is a patent-holding inventor of numerous comestible products for animal and human populations. His latest offering, Aqua-Gard, is a gel-based, life-sustaining hydration alternative that promises critical relief in applications across the globe: military zones, drought-affected areas, natural disaster sites – anyplace in which clean, potable water is either in short supply…or nonexistent. The product is highly portable, contamination resistant, shelf stable, and essentially unaffected by temperature extremes.  And its potential for sports performance, medical treatment and hangover relief have only just begun to be explored.

Horizons’ role in this potentially world-altering mission is to help Peter spread the word. On the internet. In live meeting presentations. Through packaging and collateral materials. With marketing savvy and support. At Horizons, we are neither scientists, inventors nor bioengineers – but we are skilled at helping our clients attract attention, generate funding streams and market their products and ideas to the audiences that matter.

The humanitarian potential of Aqua-Gard is immeasurable. The number of lives that could be saved, and the countless others that may be improved, will be limited only by the product’s ultimate reach. Right now, Horizons Companies is simply honored to be involved in expanding awareness…in order to extend that reach.

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