Every Second Counts in Racing and e-Commerce

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Handling Race Course Retail Operations With Precision, Speed and Power

If you’re a serious racing enthusiast, chances are you’ve spent some high-quality time at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course – one of the country’s premier road race venues. But chances are you didn’t know that your ticket purchase, seating assignment, merchandise – even your driving school registration and enrollment – were handled smoothly, efficiently (and invisibly) by Horizons Companies’ e-Commerce.

Horizons’ e-Commerce offers robust, transparent back-end support for numerous online retailing entities, including educational companies, DVD sales, and of course sports and entertainment organizations.  But if all you need is a place to host your web presence…well, we can do that too.

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course was built in 1962, but it’s gone through a number of enhancements, upgrades and physical plant improvements to keep pace with the times. And as for the technical side, teaming up with Horizons’ e-Commerce has allowed Mid-Ohio to accelerate its online retail business activities – streamlining operations, reducing drag and putting it out in front on the lead lap!

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