Small Footprint, Big Lifestyle

Small footprint living may be in vogue, but can you really live large – with elegance and style – in a home with a small architectural footprint? A new animated spot we produced for Creative Director Tony Sharpe puts fun and personality into a new home concept created by Bento Homes. The 2D animated spot, which was designed to increase traffic to Bento’s showrooms via online advertising, conveys a sense of the breezy, Hawaii-modern sophistication and eco-consciousness that living in a Bento home can provide.

Okay, so maybe we’re not quite ready to opt for a sweet intergalactic home like the Jetsons had. But, if you are considering a move to Hawaii (or are already living there, lucky you) – you could do a lot worse than picking up one of these awesome little bungalows.

See the Big Island version of the spot here.

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