Take a Trip Inside the Mind of Don Lee

If there was anything you wanted to know about Don Lee’s journey as founder and president of Horizons Companies, a new podcast episode is a great place to start. Don is featured in Alex Young’s The Powerful Mind podcast series, (Episode #74), and he shares his insight from the time he set out to form a visual communications company, all the way to the challenges and achievements he’s encountered in his 35-year run at the helm.

In the podcast, you’ll learn, among other things, how Don parlayed his passion for creating moving pictures into a do-it-yourself business education…and how he has managed to evolve and adapt in successfully navigating the neverending maze of changing technologies, attitudes and appetites for the creative messaging he has become famous for. In the interview, Don shares his advice for entrepreneurs who are just starting out in the content development business, and talks about the drive, vision and occasional good fortune that has allowed him to succeed in a competitive business environment for three and a half decades.

The entire podcast, including links and show notes, can be heard here.

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