Watching TV Sports Just Got a Whole Lot Better

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Horizons’ New Hockey-Theme Spot for 4D TV Sports Shows the Power, Excitement – and Fun – of New Technology

The premise is simple: why just “watch” TV…when you can “feel” it? But the technology – developed and brought to market by Guitammer Corporation – may just revolutionize the way we watch sports (along with movies, concerts…and just about everything else) on our TVs. The “4D” experience is made possible by utilizing the ultra-low end portion of the audio signal and sending it – wirelessly – to a powerful motor attached to the leg of your chair. The result is a tactile, haptic, sensory experience for the viewer. For example, when a hockey player is slammed into the boards…sensors on the glass pick up the vibration generated by that forceful collision…the information is incorporated (via proprietary encoding technology) into the broadcast signal…and then, via the Buttkicker hardware, it’s transmitted directly to the TV viewer. In other words…it’s magic.

Check out the TV Spot we just created to help advertise this product. (There’s a little bit of ‘magic’ going on in there too!)

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