Words That Carry a Lot of Weight

Mettler Toledo is the single largest provider of weighing instruments that are used daily in food manufacturing, industrial production and pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories around the world. Today, the international company (formed by the merger of the original 1901 Toledo Computing Scale and Cash Register Company with Swiss engineer Erhard Mettler’s innovative single pan balance company that began operation in 1945) is viewed as the standard of excellence by which other scale manufacturers are measured.

When Mettler Toledo needs some marketing or technical copywriting expertise to help tip the scales of customer knowledge, education and awareness in its favor, it often turns to Horizons Companies for prose that is engaging, informative and well-researched. Regardless of the complexity of the material, it’s paramount that the narrative is clear, concise and comprehensible. Industrial copywriting that strikes the delicate balance between enjoyment and edification is a fine art…but it’s one which Horizons consistently weighs in prominently on.

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