Aqua Gard – Website & Packaging

No one would argue the fact that water is one substance that is absolutely essential for survival. Without good old-fashioned H2O, no human, animal or plant can exist for very long. But when we talk about “water”, what we really mean is hydration. And one innovative scientist has created a product that hydrates human and animal cells even better than water. For Aqua-Gard, Horizons has produced a variety of marketing and information brochures for both military and humanitarian audiences. We designed and built a web presence for the product…and even produced the product packaging, in several different languages. There’s a very good chance that this lifesaving product may prevent thousands of deaths in areas affected by drought, natural disasters and warfare. Of course, Horizons is proud to have contributed to bringing this product to market – and grateful for the opportunity to help make it available worldwide.

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