Bob Evans (Down on the Farm) – Grease Bag

When a local ad agency approached Horizons with a concept involving a talking, squirming, shaking grease-stained fast-food carryout bag with attitude…we simply said “No problem – and would you like fries with that?” For this project, no computer-generated animation would do (not even high end 3-D, which is one of our specialties, by the way). So we got to work – modeling the perfect bag, with just the right amount of grease showing through it…and shot the puppet-bag through a hole in a table against a greenscreen background. And for the attitude? We found a local actor with some honest-to-goodness puppeteering chops…and a voice actor to give the little grease bag just the right amount of obnoxiousness.  For the record, we have no philosophical opposition to delicious burgers and other fast food delicacies. But for this day at least, we set out to show that there is an alternative – the hot, healthy carryout menu at Bob Evans Restaurants.

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