Crazy Richard’s “Get” Crazy Fit Campaign

Working out, eating right and staying fit isn’t just a craze anymore. Nor is it the purview of a small cadre of gym rats, muscle heads and crash dieters. The desire to take better care of our bodies is a national, even international obsession…and so when a product comes along that can help us improve our exercise, diet and overall health, we embrace it. Crazy Richard’s has been producing high-quality, all natural, additive free nut products for nearly a century. And today, it is branching out with versatile powdered peanut protein products that can be incorporated into an endless variety of menu options, as well as new portable peanut butter packs that can literally go anywhere with you. All of these new Crazy Fit products needed some equally forward-thinking package design and collateral print marketing…and that’s where Horizons stepped up and delivered. We designed the aesthetic appeal to give the Crazy Fit lineup an even greater allure, and even designed some colorful, energetic workout wear to go with it. Check it out, put a little PB in your daily routine – and get Crazy Fit!

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