DACC (Delaware Area Career Center) – Website

Pay a visit to the Delaware Area Career Center and you’ll instantly understand that your conception of “vocational school” is seriously outdated. At DACC, students get hands-on training and experience in dozens of highly employable fields, from computer design and medical technology to culinary arts and zoological science. Highly motivated, highly intelligent, savvy young men and women are taking advantage of a hidden gem in the educational system to get a leg up in their future careers. Our newly designed web site for DACC is engineered to help students see that the career center is not a step backward or even sideways…but a step forward into a vibrant, exciting academic environment. It’s also designed to provide parents with all the information they need to help them make an informed decision about their children’s education. Additionally, it features a portal for adults who are looking to move up in their career or to perhaps develop some new, employable skills. Like the institution itself, DACC’s new web site proves without a doubt that ‘vo-tech’ ain’t (sic) what it used to be!

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