IGS Energy – Educate the Customer Base Video Series

Many consumers find themselves overwhelmed with information when it comes to making energy choices. Some simple yet thorough animated videos will help to change that.

Not long ago, there were very few choices available for businesses and residential consumers when it came to purchasing utilities — you simply bought your gas or electricity from your local utility…and that, pretty much, was that. Now, however, consumers have a broad range of choices available to them – and often a great deal of confusion to go with it.

With that in mind, IGS Energy asked Horizons Companies to help them come up with a series of videos which would serve to inform (and quite possibly inspire) its customer base regarding the new opportunities available to them in the marketplace.With a direct, fun and engaging visual style created by Horizons’ Animation Artist Bill Scholik – and a clever, supportive mix of sound effects and music crafted by Horizons’ Audio Engineer Chris Sheridan – the videos take potentially complex issues faced by consumers and present them in an enjoyable, straightforward, easy-to-understand fashion.

Some of the concepts covered by the videos include: increasing efficiency by generating power near the point of consumption (Energy Solutions Off the Grid); utility line protection plans (We’ve Got You Covered); clean compressed natural gas (Driving Energy Independence); solutions for business (A Trusted Partner); and residential energy choice (Choice is Good).

Thanks to the collaborative effort between IGS and Horizons, consumers can now afford to be a lot more efficient with their ‘energy’ when it comes to making choices about what’s best for them!

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