Personal Tutor – The Teacher That’s ALWAYS Available

When students are struggling…and the teacher is stressed and stretched thin…what can be done to ensure that children are getting the instruction they need to be successful? It’s almost as if each student needs his or her own ‘personal’ tutor. And with help from the team at Horizons Companies, that’s precisely what they are getting!

In math, science, social studies and the language arts, students using McGraw-Hill Education texts – and specifically, its Connect online interactive learning platform – have the opportunity to study, practice and review their course material – on their own – using thousands and thousands of video segments created by Horizons. Each personal tutor video is narrated and taught by an actual teacher, using familiar models and animated text to carefully explain each instructional concept. With these personal tutor videos, students are empowered to customize the pace and direction of their instruction, free from the pressure of classroom competition and the embarrassment of asking the teacher to repeat the lesson…or failing to learn it altogether.

When a student needs some individual attention, the teacher may not always be in a position to administer it. Horizons’ personal tutor videos help relieve some of the burden facing today’s teachers…while promoting confidence, proficiency and genuine learning for students across the country.


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