The Sound (Audio) of Learning is Our Specialty

We’ve all heard the phrase “seeing is believing”. What is equally true, though not as often articulated, is that “hearing…is knowing”.  The spoken word is without question one of the most fundamental building blocks of education.  And Horizons Companies specializes in professional, high-quality audio products that enhance the teaching and learning process.

From talking textbooks and online assessment to a host of interactive learning tools, we design, record, produce and format precision assets tailored to the delivery platform, grade span, learning environment – even the native language and/or dialect of the educational product’s audience.

During the past 25 years, Horizons has produced hundreds of thousands – dare we say millions – of individual audio assets for regional, national and international educational entities. And every single audio file we produce reflects our passionate attention to detail…balancing factors such as technical specifications, pacing and enunciation, dynamic range and frequency, and file size to deliver optimal sonic quality that is ideally suited to the hardware device and network.

We have produced quality digital audio in more than a dozen languages, including Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Hmong, Polish, Danish, German, French, Portuguese, Armenian, Italian, Dutch…and of course English and Spanish. We offer translation services when the project demands it. And whether the audience is comprised of ESL students in the United States or K-12 English learners in Qatar, the audio learning materials can be counted on to be accurate, targeted and effective.

Just as students throughout history have learned via their teacher’s voice…students in today’s learning environment are educated, tested and informed via the audio on their computers, tablets and other devices. Audio is critical to the learning experience…and Horizons has the experience – and expertise – to help satisfy that critical need.

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