Yes, Wendy’s International, We Can Do That

When we say Horizons Companies is “full service”, we really mean it. Case in point: we’ve worked with Wendy’s International for more than 25 years – helping them with videos, web sites, apps…all of the standard media production company fare. But when they told us they wanted to improve the archaic equipment purchase process for their 6500 stores, we helped them think outside the box, outside the bag…and outside the binder.

Changing menus, trends and customer needs create a need for new equipment – everything from huge grills and fryers to hand held implements. But until recently, when contractors working on Wendy’s stores around the US – and the world – needed to identify, compare, cost and purchase necessary equipment…it meant someone at Wendy’s HQ in Dublin had to haul out the alphabetized 3-ring binders and look up each of the 10,000 or more parts, one by one.

So we built them a database management application that allows all internal and external customers to access the entire catalogue of items, so they can research, shop and build a cart for all of the items they will need. Goodbye spreadsheets, goodbye cumbersome binders, goodbye 20th century process. And by starting with an existing open-source  CMS, or content management system – and customizing it to meet Wendy’s specialized needs – Horizons was able to deliver the process upgrade in an extremely cost-effective fashion.

So the next time you order a Dave’s Double, a Frosty, or one of the ever-changing selections at your favorite Wendy’s, think about the equipment necessary to make that delicious product…and about how Horizons Companies made getting that equipment much, much easier.

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