Yes We Do Print. Very Well In Fact

We may be living in a video world, but when it comes to sales and marketing, print is still a formidable tool. That’s why Preferred Living, one of the most successful and fastest growing apartment property companies in Central Ohio, has tapped Horizons to create its brochures for the past decade. When it comes to print collateral that not only sizzles but makes the sale, the proof is in the product. For Preferred Living, Horizons has been responsible for the layout, design, photography and for the attention to detail that clients demand when producing thousands of copies of a printed piece. Horizons’ legendary Art Director Ken Beck has been creating effective and eye-catching print materials for hundreds of happy clients since, well, since nearly the days of Johannes Gutenberg (you remember him, he invented the printing press). Assisted by a team of skilled photographers (along with touch-up artist extraordinaire Alissa Phillips), Ken crafts his work into items that are a joy for his clients to pass out…and for their clients to receive. Perhaps that’s why he’s produced brochures for dozens of Preferred Living properties, both past and present.

Horizons Companies is a full-service digital media production firm specializing in HD video, motion graphics, music/audio, and web/interactive. For more information call 614.481.7200 or write us at 
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